How to qualify for Injury Benefit




• Be an insured contributor

• Be injured during the course of and as a result of insurable employment

• Be unable to work due to an employment injury

• Submit claim on prescribed form (IB1)
The medical certificate on IB1 section showing cause of illness (from employment injury / work-related prescribed disease) and number of days the insured contributor will be unable to work

• Claim must be signed and dated by an approved doctor in Belize. Details of medical care must be provided as requested on the IB1/IB8.

• Make claim on prescribed form (IB1) for employment injury and (IB2) for work-related prescribed disease signed and dated by the insured contributor

Please click here to download the required forms: 
IB1 & IB2

• Submit claim within 4 days from first day of illness shown on medical certificate

• If claim is not submitted within 4 days, good reason must be given and recorded by the insured contributor and recorded on the IB1 Form. Subsequent claims must be filed on the IB8 Form

• No sum shall be paid for any period more than 13 weeks before the date that the claim was made


How much and for how long is the Injury Benefit?

Rate of Benefit Payment

Period of Benefit Payment

• 80% of Average Insurable Earnings of insured contributor, in 4 weeks prior to injury

• After 156 days, if insured contributor still requires medical treatment, his weekly benefit rate is 60% of Average Insurable Earnings
(Temporary Disablement Pension)

• The minimum benefit payable is $44.00 weekly for the first 156 days, and $33.00 weekly for the remaining 91 days.

• The maximum benefit is $256.00 weekly for the first 156 days, and $192.00 weekly for the remaining 91 days.

• The day after the accident

• No payment for the day on which injury occurred

• Payment includes Sundays

• Maximum payable is 156 days


*Cash Benefit is 80% of the Average Weekly Insurable Earnings, payable for Sickness, Injury and Maternity.