A person shall be entitled to apply to the Chief Executive Officer for a Certificate of Voluntary Insurance to pay Voluntary Contributions.

A Certificate of Voluntary Insurance shall entitle the Voluntary Contributor to pay contributions in respect of any week not earlier than (13) thirteen contribution weeks prior to the date of application, and of any week for which no contribution is otherwise payable by his or on her behalf.

You can build up your Retirement Pension Fund, even when unemployed. You can apply to make weekly Social Security payments on your own behalf, within 26 weeks after your last day of employment. IF you are under 65 years of age...are not retired...are ordinarily resident in Belize,...and have not less than 150 contributions already paid on your behalf, you may qualify to make Voluntary Contributions.

The conditions to be satisfied for a Certificate of Voluntary Insurance are that the person concerned:

  • is under 65 years of age
  • has not received a Retirement or Invalidity Benefit from Social Security
  • is ordinarily resident in Belize
  • no longer working for an employer
  • has no less than 150 Social Security contributions paid on his behalf since June 01, 1981.

Voluntary Contributions are weekly payments made by YOU (on your own behalf) as an insured contributor when you are no longer employed.

Voluntary Contribution Rate:
The weekly contribution rate is calculated based on the best three years of contributions previously paid. The rates may range from a minimum of $1.76 to a maximum of $10.24.

Voluntary Contributions are valid for:

  • Retirement Benefit
  • Survivors' Benefit
  • Funeral Grant


It is very beneficial to an insured contributor to pay Voluntary Contributions because these payments:

  • prevent a break in your contribution payment and
  • help you to qualify or increase your Retirement Benefit and benefits payable to your survivors


  • You may apply for Voluntary Insurance as soon as you cease to be employed, or up to 26 weeks after your last day of employment.
  • To apply, go to any Social Security Office and request an application form for Voluntary Insurance.
  • Social Security will inform you by letter whether or not your application has been accepted and the amount you would have to pay.


When submitting your Application for Voluntary Insurance, it is essential that you submit a list of all your past employers.  Social Security will need to do a research on your contributions history to see if you meet the qualifying conditions and it will speed up the processing of your application if you submit all necessary information.

You will get a response to your application within two weeks after the office receives your request.

Payments are to be made no later than 14 days from the date specified in the letter that you would receive from Social Security.  However, if you are unable to pay, you must inform the Chief Executive Officer, who may reconsider and give you an additional 4 weeks in which to pay.

If your payments are more than 6 weeks late, you will need to reapply for Voluntary Insurance and will be required to work for an additional 50 weeks in order to re-qualify.


If you should return to work while making payments of Voluntary Contributions, you must inform Social Security immediately. You will be advised to cease payments, as your new Employer will then be responsible for payment of contributions on your behalf.