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5. If you are not sure whether you qualify for a benefit feel free to ask at any Social Security Office.

6. All medical certificates must state the nature of your illness (this information is kept confidential).  Medical certificates must be signed by a registered medical practitioner in Belize on the prescribed Social Security form.

7. For you to obtain full benefit for medical treatment abroad, under employment injury benefit, you must obtain prior approval from Social Security.

8. Do you need help in completing claim forms?  If so, our staff would be happy to help you.  If you are not satisfied with a decision on your claim, do let us know – your case will be re-examined.  If you are still not satisfied you have the right to appeal to the Social Security Appeal Tribunal.

9. Claim forms are available at any of the Social Security offices, and are also available for free on this website. Some claims may require that birth certificates, marriage certificate and other documents be submitted

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