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In 2005, the Board of Directors approved a proposal to offer Sixth Form scholarships to 17 deserving High School graduates. The proposal was a result of consistent requests from students for assistance to further their education at the Sixth Form level. This scholarship program allows students to attend the institution of their choice. It is valued at $4,000.00 for the two-year program. Each year the student, upon meeting the requirements to remain in the program, receive $2,000.00 to cover their expenses.

Applicants to this program are required to submit a completed application form, copy of their valid Social Security card, copy of High School transcript, letter of acceptance to the Sixth Form of their choice (in Belize) as a full-time student, a recommendation letter from a class instructor, and their parents most recent Income Tax statement (TD4). Applicants also need to have a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.75 and above, and are required to submit a 500-word essay entitled, My Future Aspirations.

Eligible students are invited to attend an interview with the Social Security Board, spearheaded by a panel of SSB Senior Staff.

These scholarships are awarded based on:

  • financial need
  • academic performance
  • active and mature participation in the interview process
  • content and clarity of expression in the written essay

Scholarship recipients are chosen based on the results of their interviews.
The financial need of each applicant is considered as one of the primary deciding factors in awarding a scholarship. Once an applicant has received a scholarship, they are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75 and above. An academic report of the awardees’ progress needs to be submitted at the middle, and end of each semester, while at the end of the year, the student must provide a comprehensive academic report showing their cumulative GPA for that year. Should a scholarship recipient fail to maintain the required academic standards they will lose their scholarship in its entirety.


In June 2001, the Social Security Board launched its Secondary School Scholarship Program. This program provides, on a yearly basis, four-year scholarships to deserving primary school leaving students. It allows them the opportunity to attend the secondary school of their choice.

Applicants are required to submit, along with the completed application form, written letters stating why they think they deserve the scholarship, along with a copy of their Stds. IV, V and VI Report Cards, copy of a valid social security card, their PSE results(if available) and their letter of acceptance from a High School. The letters are appraised and short-listed by districts for interviews. Eligible students and their parent/guardian are then invited to attend an interview conducted by a panel of SSB Senior Staff. Scholarships are awarded on the following basis:

  • acceptance into high school;
  • financial needs
  • academic performance

Special emphasis is placed on the need basis.

Scholarship recipients are required to maintain a minimum passing grade of 80% or B throughout the four years of high school and to submit a copy of their report card at the end of each school year stating they have been promoted. This enables them to receive the following year’s grant. Students who fail to make the grade lose the scholarship in its entirety.


In 2009, a new Vocational and Technical scholarship program was added. To date, over 20 scholarships have been awarded to young Belizeans countrywide. These scholarships are tenable for one (1) year only at a cost of $1200.00

Applicants are required to submit a copy of their Standard VI report card, a copy of their social security card, acceptance to a Vocational-technical school of their choice, an income statement, and a recommendation from an employer or past instructor along with a completed application form. Grades must be met at C or above to keep the scholarship. Scholarships are awarded on a needs basis and are distributed countrywide.