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Be an insured personSubmit claim on form IB1. Ensure the form is submitted fully completed including the Employer’s Section and the Witness Report IB 7 (if applicable).
Be injured during the course of and as a result of insurable employment or a work related prescribed diseaseThe medical certificate on IB1 section to show cause of illness (from employment injury / work-related prescribed disease) and the number of days the person will be unable to work.
Claim must be signed and dated by an approved doctor in Belize. Details of medical care must be provided as requested on the IB1/ or IB8 Forms.
Submit claim within 4 working days from first day of illness shown on medical certificate.
Claims not submitted within the 4 days require that a written note with good reason be submitted. Claims will not be disallowed because they are submitted late; however, the period of the benefit affected by the lateness will be disqualified.
Subsequent claim(s) related to the same injury or prescribed disease must be certified by the doctor using an IB8 Form.

FORM: Click to download form(s): IB1 Employment Injury Claim IB7 Witness Report IB8 Continuation Claim


80% of Average Insurable

Earnings of insured person is calculated and used.

After 156 days is paid,

if the insured person still continues to be under medical treatment, a provisional disablement is paid at a weekly benefit rate of 60% of Average Insurable Earnings for not more than 91 days.

Four (4) weekly salaries

prior to the injury are used to calculate the Average Insurable Earnings.

The minimum benefit

payable is $44.00 weekly for the first 156 days, and $33.00 weekly for the remaining 91 days.

The Injury Benefit

starts as of the day after the accident happened. Sundays included.

The maximum benefit

is $256.00 weekly for the first 156 days, and $192.00 weekly for the remaining 91 days.


Actual Weekly Earnings ($)Weekly Insurable Earnings ($)Employers’ Contributions ($)Employees’ Contributions ($)Total Contribution ($)Weekly Rate of Cash Benefits ($)
Under 70.0055.003.570.834.4044.00
70.00 to 109.9990.005.851.357.2072.00
110.00 to 139.99130.008.451.9510.40104.00
140.00 to 179.99160.009.653.1512.80128.00
180.00 to 219.99200.0011.254.7516.00160.00
220.00 to 259.99240.0012.856.3519.20192.00
260.00 to 299.99280.0014.457.9522.40224.00
300.00 and over320.0016.059.5525.60256.00

*Cash Benefit is 80% of the Average Weekly Insurable Earnings, payable for Sickness, Injury and Maternity.