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Form R1Application for Registration as an Employer
Form R1AEmployee List. To be completed and submitted with the Form R1
Form R4Application for a Social Security Card
Form RF
Card Replacement Report Form
IN 15Notice of Inactive Employer/Closure of Business
SEA 1Application for Registration as a Self-Employed
SET FormNotice of Termination by the Self Employed
DP 7Application For Refund Of Contributions
ED 1Employment Declaration (To request a Contributions Record)
FIN 15A 2019Statement of Contributions
FIN 15A (Rates Prior to July 2019)Statement of Contributions
Payroll TemplateSample of Payroll Register
SE-Fin15ASelf Employed Contribution Certificate
A P.1Appeal Form
DDADirect Deposit Authorization Form
Form FG1Funeral Grant
Form RB1Retirement Benefit
IB 1Employment Injury
IB 17Disablement Benefit
IB 7 Witness Report Form for the purpose of claiming Employment Injury
IB 8Continuation For Employment Injury
INV 1 Invalidity BenefitInvalidity Benefit
MBMaternity Benefit
MB5 Maternity Grant
NCP 1Application for Non Contributory Pension
NCP P6Pensioner’s Declaration for Non Contributory
Pension Deposit AuthorityPension Deposit Authority
RB/DIS/INV P6 Pensioner’s Declaration for Retirement, Disablement and Invalidity
SB1 Sickness Benefit
SM2 MBSalaries Record for Maternity Benefit
SM2/SBSalaries Record for Sickness Benefit
SVB-DB Life Declaration P6Pensioner’s Declaration for Survivor’s and Death
SVB1 FormSurvivor’s or Death Benefit
AR 1 Accident Record
BLA 1Business Loan Application
GC Form Application for Sponsorship of Golden Citizens Program