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Investments are a major part of sustaining and growing our economy. The Social Security Board is a major player in the economic life of Belize through its investments. Fund balances in excess of benefit payments and administrative expenses are invested in the main sectors of our nation’s economic activity. These investments have impacted our major industries to the benefit of all Belizeans and the Belizean economy.

The overall goal of the Investment Services is to establish and maintain high quality grade investment and mortgage loan portfolios in the Belizean environment realizing the greatest possible returns, subject to acceptable risk, so as to enable payment of all current and future benefit commitments and all operational expenses. The department is intended to sustain economically targeted investments or socially desirable projects in the area of agriculture, education, financial, housing, real estate, tourism, and utilities.

The main objectives of the Investment Services are:

  • To establish and maintain an efficient investment and mortgage administration system.
  • To identify and establish appropriate lending policies, practices and procedures.
  • To assure the availability of sufficient assets to pay benefit liabilities when due.
  • To maximize the total rate of return within prudent and acceptable levels of risk and liquidity.
  • To ensure adequate diversification and to preserve capital.
  • To grow assets at a rate to keep pace with inflation and a reasonable level of growth in benefits.
  • To assure the full utilization of assets in a cost effective and efficient manner.
  • To ensure proper and adequate collateral security and safe custody of all documents and valuables lodged in connection with approved loans and investments.

Approved investment loans are classified as follows, according to the maturity of the investments:

  • Short-term: up to one years
  • Medium-term: more than one year but up to five years
  • Long-term: more than five years

Investment Services is continuously looking for new investment opportunities and will continue to invest in infrastructure needed to sustain superior performance into the future.

Members of the Investment Committee

Mr. Ernesto Vasquez


Ms. Fayne Nicasio


Mr. Norman Dueck


Mr. Emil Mena