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Be under 60 yearsPresent a medical certificate, stating cause of illness causing invalidity on INV1 form
Be an invalid, according to the Social Security Act; i.e. unable to carry out any kind of workClaim must be signed and dated by a registered doctor in Belize.
Be sick for 13 consecutive weeksClaim must be signed and dated by the insured person
Have 150 paid contributions since 1981An assessment by a medical board, set up by Social Security, must confirm invalidity
Have 110 paid contributions in the 5 years before invalidity commencedPresent Social Security card, passport or birth certificate when making claim
Have 5 paid or credited contributions, in 13 weeks before illness that led to invalidityMust provide bank account or an account number from any other financial institution.
An Invalidity grant is paid if the contribution requirement is not met. The minimum contributions to qualify for an Invalidity Grant is 26 paid contributions.Invalid insured contributor obtains Invalidity Benefit Claim Form (INV1)
Submit claim on prescribed form within 13 weeks of the date that you become entitled to claim invalidity benefit
No sum shall be paid, for any period more than 26 weeks before the date that the claim is made

FORM: Click to download form: INV1


The pension is paid

for as long as insured person remains an invalid; i.e. unable to carry out any kind of work


Sum of insurable earnings in best 3 years of contributions ÷ 150 x 30% = weekly pension; or
If less than 500 paid or credited contributions, 25% of Average Weekly Insurable Earning

Minimum Pension is

$47.00 per week