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Be a survivor (widow/widower, child or parent) of a deceased insured person, who was receiving or was entitled to receive Retirement or Invalidity BenefitSubmit completed claim on prescribed form (SVB1), signed and dated by the claimant
WIDOWER- Must be an invalid without any source of income, who was fully dependent on deceased spousePresent Social Security card or birth certificate of all survivors claiming benefit
Be married or living in common-law relationship with deceased insured person for five or more yearsPresent death certificate of insured contributor signed and dated by a registered doctor in Belize
CHILDREN- Includes biological, step children or adopted children of the deceased insured person.Social Security card or birth certificate of deceased insured contributor.
PARENTS- Must be 55 years or over. Qualified only if the deceased has no widow/widower or children. Declaration signed by a Justice of the Peace declaring that there are no surviving beneficiaries and that parent(s) was mainly maintained by the deceased insured person.When spouse is applying, present marriage certificate or valid declaration to prove common-law union
If the contribution requirement is not met to qualify for a pension, a Survivor’s Grant is paid.WIDOW Must:- Have care of deceased insured contributor’s children or be pregnant for deceased insured contributor- Be 50 years or over- Have been spouse of deceased for no less than 5 years
A minimum of 26 paid contributions is required for a Survivor’s Grant to be paid.WIDOWER Must: – Be permanently incapable of self-support and was wholly dependent on the deceased
Must provide bank account or an account number from any other financial institution
Claim should be made within 13 weeks after date of death of insured person
If claim is not submitted within the 13 weeks a good reason must be given by the claimant
No sum shall be paid for any period more than 26 weeks, from date on which the claim was made

FORM: Click to download forms: SVB1 Form



Sum of insurable earnings in best 3 years of contributions ÷ 150 x 30% = weekly pension; or If less than 500 paid or credited contributions, 25% of Average Weekly Insurable Earning


• widow/widower: 66.67%
• invalid children: 40%
• other children: 25%
• parent: 40%
If maximum benefit (100%) is exceeded, each share is reduced accordingly

Minimum Pension is

$47.00 per week

Widow(er) benefit

stops upon remarriage

Benefit for children

(not invalid), continues up to 18 years or if receiving full-time education up to 21 years

As of date of death

of insured person, for as long as the surviving beneficiaries continue to meet the qualifying conditions


• If the widow meets all the qualifying conditions, she gets Survivor’s Pension for life, but if the conditions are not met, she gets 52 weeks’ pension payments.