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1. Be an insured woman on maternity leave
2. Have 50 paid contributions
3. In the period of thirty-nine consecutive contribution weeks immediately preceding the seventh week before the expected date of confinement, or in which occurs the day from which benefit is claimed, whichever is the later, not less than twenty-five contributions have been paid in respect of or credited to her of which not less than twenty have been paid
1. Make two (2) claims on the prescribed form (MB1)
2. For period before confinement: The claim, signed by the insured woman, is accompanied by a medical certificate signed by a registered doctor, stating the expected date of confinement
3. For period after confinement: The medical certificate section on the claim must be signed by a registered doctor or midwife who assisted in the delivery
4. Submit claim, three (3) weeks after the date of confinement
5. Employer must record the salary or wages (SM2/MB)of the insured woman or 39 weeks immediately before the benefit is to begin. Attach SM2 to the MB1
6. If claim is not submitted within 8 weeks before confinement and 3 weeks after confinement a good reason must be given by the insured woman

FORM: Click to download form: MB Maternity Benefit SM2/MB Salaries Record


80% of Average Weekly

Insurable Earnings of insured woman, in 39 weeks before maternity leave commences

Payment is made in two;

one for the period before confinement and one for the period after confinement.

The minimum benefit

payable is $44.00 weekly.

If unable to return to

work due to complications arising from delivery, you may consider claiming sickness benefit immediately following maternity leave. Refer to Sickness Benefit to access the form SBI.

The maximum benefit

is $256.00 weekly.

A maximum of 14 weeks

of maternity benefit is paid; 7 weeks is paid before confinement and 7 more weeks after confinement (may be less than 7 weeks before confinement and more than 7 weeks after confinement)