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Be unable to return to work due to complications arising from deliverySubmit claim on prescribed form (SB1)The medical certificate on SB1 section must show cause of illness and number of days you are unable to workSubmit claim on prescribed form (SB1), within 4 days from the first day of illness shown on the medical certificate
Be 14 years or over and under 65 yearsClaim must be signed by a registered doctor in Belize. Claim must be signed and dated by the insured woman.If claim is not submitted within 4 days, good reason must be given and recorded by the insured contributor
Have 50 paid contributionsEmployer must declare claimant’s employment status. Record the salary or wages (SM2 Form) of the insured woman 13 weeks before the week illness commenced. Attach SM2 to the SB1FormNo sum shall be paid for any period, more than 13 weeks before the date the claim was made
Have 5 paid contributions in 13 weeks, immediately before going on Maternity Leave

FORM: Click here to download form SB1


Rate of Benefit PaymentPeriod of Benefit Payment
80% of Average Weekly Insurable Earnings of insured contributor, in 13 weeks before Maternity Leave commencedAs of 1st day of illness
If sickness period exceeds 26 weeks, additional 13 weeks are paid at 60% of Average Weekly Insurable EarningsPayment includes Sundays
Payment to continue as long as employee is medically certified unable to work
Continues as long as employee is not at work, due to illness (complications arising from delivery)
For a maximum period of 39 weeks